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Cwmgors Community Centre, Cemetery Road, Cwmgors, SA18 1PS

About Cwmgors Community Centre

The Cwmgors Community Centre was set up in the mid 1970's with the purpose of bringing people together in the local area for social and recreational activities. A management committee took on the task to oversee the running of the facility which continues to the present day.

With the help of grants, a program of refurbishment and extension to the hall took place a few years ago. The play area also saw a complete transformation with the help of grants from NPT, W.R.E.N, and the community council.

The Community Centre is used and enjoyed by many different groups of people of various ages. Since the refurbishment and extension was completed, the Centre has offered a high end facility aided by a fully enclosed ball court (football, basketball and netball) and children's play area.

The Centre has a main hall and a smaller I.T. room, both of which can be booked via the Secretary of the Management Committee. There is a small kitchen where tea and coffee can be made and there are two microwaves.

There are projectors and screen facilities available in I.T. room. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Centre. 

The Management Committee consists of members of the public, representing the users of the Hall and representatives of the Community Council.

The secretary of the Management Committee who takes bookings for the Centre is:-

Mrs Mari Thomas - 01269 825492 

The Hall is used for activities and groups. It is also available for more formal conventions/ training for organisations as well as being available for individual private parties. Please check the calendar for hall use and groups.

If you have any queries, please contact Mari and see if the Hall is available.

Contact Details of Cwmgors Community Centre Management Officers and Committee members

Chair Person: Miss Jackie Domingo
48 Heol-y-Gors, Cwmgors, Amanford, SA18 1PT.
Tel: 01269 820612 | Mob: 07852595850 | Email:

Secretary: Mrs Mari Thomas
Organisation: Cwmgors O.A.P, and many others.
30 Llwyn Road, Cwmgors, Amanford, SA18 1RD.
Tel: 01269 01269 825492 | Mob: 07981500253 | Email:


Mrs Jane Haile

Organisation: Cwmgors Village Forum
48 Heol-yGors, Cwmgors, Amanford, Amanford SA181 PT
Tel: 01269 825737 | Mob: 07525823791 | Email:

Mr David Jones
7 Heol Cae Gurwen, Gwaun Cae Gurwen, Amanford, SA18 1HB
Tel: 01269 01269 826456 | Email:

Mr Geoff Moore
40 Heol-y-Gors, Cwmgors, Amanford SA18 1PT
Tel: 01269 823596 | Email:

Booking Calendar: