Mae'r dudalen hon yn ddangos cynnwys Saesneg gan nad oes y cyfreithiad Cymraeg ar gael ar hyn o bryd

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The best place to start is the Community Centre where you can check out the local highlights on the information board.

This maps out the Aman Loughor HeritageTrail, and other local hotspots.  If you feel like exploring the Gwhryd mountain the village has plenty of local footpaths, where views of the Brecon Beacons can be seen from the higher points.

If you’re feeling thirsty you can call in for a drink at the Tairgwaith Working Men’s club just up the road from the community centre, or into the café in the IT & Learning Centre where the coffee is hot and there’s always a hot meal on offer. 

As mentioned the purpose-built Trotting Track is situated on the old Maerdy site has 12 meetings a year, and a host of other activities including community and sports events.