Mae'r dudalen hon yn ddangos cynnwys Saesneg gan nad oes y cyfreithiad Cymraeg ar gael ar hyn o bryd

Christmas Lights Statement

Christmas Lights 2017.

Many people have raised questions regarding the provision of Christmas Lights for this year.  Hopefully the following information will help explain the current position.

For many years, NPT Council were involved with the provision and fitting of the Festive Decorations.  This has now ended and the full costs of decorations (leasing or buying), fitting, maintaining, installation and decommissioning and storage falls on the Community.

Because of the competition for established, reputable companies dealing with Christmas Decorations within communities, and the limited time available, the Council had to act quickly. 

We are limited by geography (four separate settlements within the Ward of GCG spread over a fairly wide area) and we are also limited by regulations as to where we can erect lights (we are not allowed to attach lights to any wooden posts!! – and considering that around 90% of posts within the Ward are made of wood, this makes it extremely difficult.) We are also limited by financial resources.

The Council felt that the best way forward was to engage with a company and provide lights similar to what was expected last year, i.e. based around GCG itself.  This should provide a base starting point, which we hope can be extended over the coming years.

It must be pointed out that the cost of the Christmas Lights accounts for one eighth of the yearly income received from the community, which means that in order to extend the scope of the decorations and activities, further costs will be incurred.

On the above point we will be asking for external help such as sponsorship, ideas and involvement from residents over the coming year to enhance the provision.

The Council were told that the lights that were used over the previous did not reach the current standards and that the banner lights that went across the road were unsafe.  Therefore we had to start from scratch.

 I would like to thank the councillors (a number who are new to the task of being a community councillor) and the clerk for their hard work finding and working on a solution. This is an ongoing project.

Chair of GCGCC.